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Test drive Pitcha

Pitcha is a student proof of concept designed to help storytellers craft photo narratives that are visually pleasing and enhance photo storytelling. By focusing on responsive design principles, positioning photos based on the golden ratio, and placing story value at the forefront, pitcha's photo creation tool is a unique alternative to standard photo presentations.

Beautiful science powers our layouts

Pitcha’s templates are all inspired by the golden ratio, so that photo size and arrangement guides your eye.

Photos by Alex Wallbaum, Farah Mohammed, Luke Rague, and Stretch Ledford

Design that emphasizes story

Pitcha places dominant photos in key positions that reinforce the story, so that you can make the most of your photos.

Photos by Alex Wallbaum, Farah Mohammed, Luke Rague, and Stretch Ledford

Share it on anything, anywhere

Responsive, cross-platform design is central to our vision, so you can share your stories how you want.



Pitcha is a proof of concept project conceived and built by a group of master’s students at Northwestern’s Medill School. As part of their capstone project they sought to create a web-based tool useful to digital storytellers.

In researching existing storytelling tools, students found photo presentation tools plentiful, but largely limited to slideshows or storing images in a repository like Flickr.

In an effort to present more complex storytelling with multiple photos, Pitcha was born.

Test Drive

The Pitcha editor is no longer supported.

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